Setting the stage for the most successful client experience, Winchester is known for its passion, precision, innovation, and attention to detail. Transparency throughout the construction process and alignment across building and design professionals are paramount.
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    A custom home may not be for everyone. The decision, however, to invest the necessary time, resources, and energy toward building or renovating a one-of-a-kind residence will yield a lifetime of pleasure.

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    The beginnings of a custom home bring the homeowner, the architect, and the builder together to work on a project that may take several months to several years. The hallmarks of a successful collaboration are shared commitment, mutual trust, and open lines of communication throughout the process.

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    Winchester’s president, Michael Campbell, keeps an eye on every project with support from project managers, who are the primary contacts for every client from start to finish. A field supervisor coordinates the daily construction activities on site. Winchester’s project managers and field supervisors have years of experience, know every phase of the construction process, and enjoy working in an environment focused on superior quality and uncompromising client service.

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    Winchester is one part of a dedicated team. The best results come from close collaboration and cooperation among all parties involved in a project. Winchester is committed to giving homeowners, architects, and other professionals such as landscape architects and interior designers the same level of cooperation and support.

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    Other than construction quality and design, the most significant element that separates the custom homebuilding process from standard construction is a greater level of detail. The same characteristic separates Winchester from many other builders, whether on the job or in the office. Uncompromising attention to detail makes an extremely complex process go as smoothly as possible from the outset to the finished project.

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    As the project nears completion, the excitement builds. Rough concrete and wood framing give way to finished walls, honed surfaces, and custom trim. Seeing a home’s beauty and potential no longer requires imagination — the quality can be experienced at every turn.

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    Durability through design, material selection, and construction are the first steps in creating a home that will last for generations. Dedicated maintenance is the key to promoting longevity of any structure. Winchester believes in maintaining and servicing a home for the life of the structure. To that end, the Residence Management division offers comprehensive services and property management to keep each home looking and performing optimally.


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